IDASONIC Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis system has been designed for thin films coating such as sulphides, metal oxides and TCO’s for application in optoelectronic devices.


      General Aspect

      Spray pyrolysis is a process technique being considered in research to prepare thin and thick films, ceramic coatings and powders. Spray pyrolysis is a very simple and relatively cost-effective processing method. Typical spray pyrolysis equipment consists of a spray nozzle, precursor solution, heating plate with temperature controller and air compressor. The air blast, ultrasonic and electrostatic atomizers are usually used in Spray Pyrolysis Systems.

       Spray Coating systems have many different application areas such as solar cells, transparent conductive oxides, metal oxide and sulfides, perovskite, spintronic, graphene applications, fuel cells, carbon nanotubes, medical device (stent, catheter, etc.) coatings, Textile and Thermal Spray.

      This model has been designed for thin films coating such as sulphides (CdS, SnS, CuS, ZnS etc.), metal oxides and TCO’s ZnO, SnO2, ITO, CdO, CuO etc.). This system can be updated according to customers’ demands for a different research areas such as pyrolysis or not, air or ultrasonic spray head, electrostatic spray coating and much more.

      Technical Specifications

Control Unit

  • PLC control unit
  • Touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • All parameters can be controlled easily

Ultrasonic spray nozzle and generator

  • Operating frequency 100 kHz
  • Output power 8 W
  • Average droplet size ~20 µm

Heating plate

  • Operating temperature: max 600°C
  • Bronze plate for high homogeneous heat distribution
  • 250mmx250mm surface area and 200mmx200mm homogeneous area
  • Precise temperature control with J-type thermocouple
  • Adjustable temperature rise rate
  • PLC controlled

Motion system

  • xy (nozzle) scanning area 300mmx300m  
  • z (nozzle height range), 50-350 mm
  • nozzle travel speed 2.0 mm/s-100 mm/s
  • can be controlled by PLC in 3 dimensions

Solution transfer unit

Syringe unit 1:

  • Triple syringe pump for high volume solutions, suitable for syringes of different types and volumes
  • PLC controlled adjustable flow rate in the range of 0.5 – 20 ml/min

Syringe unit 2:

  • z-axis integrated microsyringe pump for low volume solutions with minimal solution loss
  • Single microsyringe pump suitable for syringes of different types and volumes (<10ml)
  • PLC controlled adjustable flow rate between 5µl/min – 5ml/min

Carrier gas unit

  • Carrier gas pressure can be adjusted between 0.3-3 bar and controlled with a suitable regulator
  • Air compressor


  • Vacuum table, 300mmx300mm, is used for fixing thin and flexible substrates

Chamber spesifications

  • LED lighting
  • Coated with electrostatic powder paint
  • Humidity sensor to read the relative humidity in the chamber
  • Temperature sensor to read the temperature in the cabinet
  • Wide window to easily observation
  • Max dimension W: 900 mm x L: 900 mm x H: 1100 mm There is a carrier cabinet with drawers under the cabinet


  • Emergency button
  • Overcurrent protection relay
  • Cabinet with electrically isolated and grounded

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