About Us

       The IDASONIC Nanocoating System and Technologies was founded in 2016 by academicians with expertise in nano-size coating of functional materials. Our activities include the development of spray coating and electrospinning systems, as well as the development of innovative materials with these systems for a wide range of technological applications.  

       It is well known that nano-scale coating of both organic and inorganic materials is the key point of advanced technology. Organic and inorganic functional materials with energy-saving lighting applications such as LEDs, direct energy harvesting applications such as solar cells or fuel cells, environmentally friendly applications such as air cleaning and self-cleaning can be obtained and developed by spray coating techniques. Spray coating systems are not limited to the development of these materials, but also allow wide area applications.

        Electro-spinning systems, on the other hand, are a simple method to produce nanoscale fibers both in the laboratory and industrially. In addition to being used for air and aerosol filtration, nanofibers are also encountered in wound dressing applications that accelerate tissue formation by selecting polymers with appropriate chemical content. Electro-spinning technique has become one of the most suitable and useful methods for both laboratory-scale and industrial-scale productions due to the wide application areas of nanofibers such as medicine, filtration, textile, etc.

       In addition to the development of organic/inorganic coatings for innovative applications, we have adopted the mission of developing existing technology and introducing innovative products with our knowledge and experience in the development of functional nanofiber materials.

     Our vision is to bring the devices we manufacture together with researchers who carry out pioneering studies around the world and to make the IDASONIC Nanocoating System and Technologies brand a well-known brand by making them a part of industrial production.