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Nanocoating Technology in the MEDICAL & BIOTECHNOLOGY with UltraSprayer®

Our UltraSprayer-Med® spray coating systems, tailored to meet the needs of your research, are designed for leading-edge applications in the medical field. These systems are specifically optimized for coating critical medical devices such as stents and catheters, boasting state-of-the-art technology and superior performance. In stent coatings, our UltraSprayer-Med® technology ensures precise and uniform coatings, enhancing the performance of stents during angioplasty procedures and improving patient outcomes. Moreover, it reduces the risk of restenosis and promotes tissue integration, leading to long-term success rates.
For catheter coatings, our UltraSprayer-Med® system is highly effective in reducing infection risks and enhancing catheter maneuverability within the body. By applying antimicrobial coatings or lubricious materials uniformly, they enhance reliability and patient comfort. Designed to meet the expectations of our customers, these devices feature user-friendly interfaces and high efficiency. Additionally, their flexible design accommodates various stent and catheter sizes, allowing seamless integration into different applications. Our ultrasonic spray coating devices offer top-tier performance and reliability for discerning customers in the healthcare sector. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information and to discuss how we can meet your requirements.
The benefits of our UltraSprayer® devices in the medical sector include:
  • Precise and Homogeneous Coating: The ultrasonic spray coating technique provides a thin and uniform coating on surfaces. This is ideal for delicate applications such as drug delivery or biomaterial application, enhancing treatment effectiveness.
  • Targeted Drug Delivery: This technique enables the targeted delivery of drugs to specific areas. Particularly crucial in localized therapies or cancer treatment for direct drug delivery to tumors.
  • Reduction of Infection Risk: When coatings applied with ultrasonic spray coating technique are used on medical devices such as catheters and implants, surfaces can be coated with antimicrobial or lubricious coatings. This reduces the risk of infection and ensures safe long-term usage of the device.
  • Drug-Eluting Coatings: Drug-eluting coatings applied to implants like stents can be precisely applied using ultrasonic spray coating technique. This can expedite the patient’s healing process and reduce the risk of complications such as restenosis.
  • Applications in Tissue Engineering: The ultrasonic spray coating technique allows for the homogeneous application of cells and biomaterials in tissue engineering applications. This plays a significant role in areas like regenerative medicine and tissue regeneration.

These advantages enable the wide range of applications of the ultrasonic spray coating technique in medical industry, making treatment methods more effective and reliable.

Nanofiber Technology in the MEDICAL & BIOTECHNOLOGY with NanoWeaver®

Electrospinning technology, along with the production of nanofibers, presents substantial benefits across diverse applications within the medical sector. This innovative technique enables the transformation of polymers or polymer-like materials into fibers at the nanometer scale. The unique properties inherent in nanofibers offer numerous advantages, particularly in medical applications. Our NanoWeaver® electrospinning devices offer a leading solution for nanofiber production, catering to both laboratory and industrial-scale applications. Specifically engineered for the medical field, these devices excel in producing nanofibers used in a variety of medical applications.
In wound healing and tissue regeneration, nanofibers produced by our NanoWeaver® devices promote accelerated healing by stimulating cellular growth and regeneration. Additionally, they can reduce the risk of infection and enhance treatment response by creating controlled drug delivery systems. For tissue engineering and artificial organ production, the biocompatible nanofibers generated by NanoWeaver® devices are instrumental in creating healthy and functional tissues. They support cell growth and tissue regeneration, facilitating the creation of high-quality biological constructs. Furthermore, our NanoWeaver® devices find widespread use in applications such as drug carriers and artificial vascular production. Engineered for industry-leading performance and user-friendly interfaces, they are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. For customers seeking innovation and advanced technology in the healthcare sector, our NanoWeaver® Electrospinning Systems stand ready to provide the best solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and to discuss how we can meet your needs! The benefits of our NanoWeaver® devices in the medical sector include:
  • High Surface Area: Nanofibers produced by electrospinning exhibit a large surface area, making them highly effective for applications such as drug delivery, tissue engineering, and wound healing. The large surface area allows for enhanced drug loading and improved cell attachment.
  • Thin and Flexible Structure: Nanofibers are known for their ultrafine and flexible structures, resembling biological tissues and offering biocompatibility advantages. Therefore, nanofibers are ideal for applications such as tissue regeneration and artificial organ production.
  • Controlled Drug Release: Nanofibers produced by electrospinning can release drugs or biological active agents in a controlled manner. This can be effectively utilized in disease treatment and ensures the desired release rate of drugs into the body.
  • High Porosity: Nanofibers typically possess high porosity, allowing easy passage of cells. This is crucial in processes like tissue regeneration and implantation, facilitating easy infiltration of cells and tissues.
  • Customizability: Electrospinning allows for precise control of parameters during nanofiber production. This enables customization of fiber properties such as size, morphology, and composition, allowing for the creation of tailored nanofiber structures to meet various medical needs.
These advantages enable the electrospinning nanofiber production technique to play a significant role in various medical applications, contributing to the improvement of treatment methods.


At IDASONIC, we offer prompt, effective, and expert support. Whether you need technical guidance or wish to explore customized solutions for your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us.


At IDASONIC, we offer prompt, effective, and expert support. Whether you need technical guidance or wish to explore customized solutions for your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us.





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