NanoCoating Systems

IDASONIC is committed to providing, designing and manufacturing Nanocoating Systems, especially Spray coating and electrospinning, to its customers. IDASONIC designs and manufactures all different versions of these systems on a lab, pilot and industrial scale.

NanoCoating and Lab Testing Services

IDASONIC is committed to ensure thin film coatings with desired composition, over the desired substrate and desired experimental parameters to the researchers carrying out R&D studies by the Spray Coating System within the company as the costumer’s demands. The process is based on providing to produce thin film coatings with all the material components and experimental parameters desired by the researcher for the customers, in case of the Spray Coating System cannot be purchased for the small-budget thesis project or rapid support project. At this service area, if the customer requests, they can participate in use of the system during the process of thin film coating production provided that they comply with the company program, they can take part in the production phase of thin film coating and they can benefit from all training supports.

Technical Support and Other Services

Our priority is to communicate with customers before and after sale by our expert stuff, to determine the needs by listening and offer solutions, to provide training and consultancy services for relevant problem, to provide technical support, to ensure that our customers receive the highest performance from our products and services.

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About Us

The IDASONIC Nanocoating System and Technologies was founded in 2016 by academicians with expertise in nano-size coating of functional materials.

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